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Voting Time!

Attempting to redeem my lack of participation due to RL exploding.

Issues we must vote upon:

1.  Military funding. Who to give the valuable SOX to? The army? The navy? The air force? A Star Wars inspired military program? Or should we have a nationwide draft? Or, should we let the military gather SOX themselves and spend our government riches on other things?

2. Child labour. Get rid of it, keep it how it is, or subsidize it?

3. Depression and suicide rates are up, especially among youths. Should we start a government funded program to increase support, awareness, and understanding? Or perhaps just ignore depression and let the suicide continue on? Another choice is to give money to improve counseling in schools only.

4. Skateboarding. Should it be outlawed completely? Should we spend some money to build a skatepark and enforce safety equiptment (the main concern is safety)? Or we can make skateboarding the only way to get around, outlawing other forms of transportation.

5. It seems we have pushed big business a bit too far. Companies are heading away at an alarming rate. Should we stop them by taking away regulations and rules, or should we sit back and relax while breathing in the smog-free air?

Now, VOTE, damn it.

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