Quinnae (chancellor22) wrote in manhattachester,

A Slight Change of Topic


You may have noticed me around, voting and such^^ I have come to take the advice of another member who is a good friend of mine and make an actual post here. I come bearing revolutionary ideas.

Manhattachester is a brilliant start, but what about the rest of New York City? There are areas of the Bronx, Queens, and Brooklyn that are perfectly inline with what he hope to accomplish in creating this glorious state. That leaves Staten Island. If you want a red state for Manhattachester we can add them too ^_~ But seriously, the rest of this city deserves to be its own country as well. They could benefit greatly from our social welfare and public nudity.

I say let them in, even if it somehow violates the spirit of the name^^;;; As a native New Yorker I must demand sovereignty for us all under the new Liberal Leftist republic. New York City as a whole suffers from being wed to the state and the nation as a whole, save all of them, not just Manhattan (awesome though it may be).

Now that this bit of unorthodoxy is over I am prepared to mediate the gigantic debate that will surely follow the pleas of this young upstart. ^^
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