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New issues

OMB, go look at our issues! There's one I know we'll vote unanimously on. Go see which one. Now. And for Bob's sake, VOTE, on the rest as well.

-Pepperland, VP

PS: See Echo's post, it's an important issue.
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Right, can we just choose option 2 on the Harry Potter one? Because I doubt anyone's going to protest. :P

On the others -

Auto Industry: Undecided on this. I'm gong to leave it up to others who know more about this issue (in RL) to decide.

Organ donations: I think I'm for paying for them.

Budget: I'm leaning towards Health and Social Welfare, although education is a close second.

Spiritual Advisor: Option three, just because the idea of having a spiritual advisor to the government know. Not very seperated.
Spiritual Advisor: Um, seperation of church and state, but I guess option three. (But I really think we should just dismiss)

HP: Option one of course. ;) (Sane self, two, no question.)

Funding: Torn between one and three, but leaning towards education.

Organ Donations: Option one, might as well get something for doing a good deed.

Auto: I've already voted, but three.
Spiritual advisor: Three.

HP: Burn it! Just kidding, two, obviously.

Funding: Education, second choice is health & social welfare

Organ donations: One, though less people will donate this way, so it's a hard choice.

Auto: I say we just dismiss this.
Spiritual advisor: I dont really like any of them, but number three is best because at least people can decide what they want to believe with no one pushing them in one direction or the other

HP: Why have we not already chosen number 2?

Funding: I technically already voted but I though it over and I think education is the one we should choose, our country's social welfare is already excellent

Organ donations: I say they should get paid for it

Auto: Either dismiss it, or choose 1 or 3
Hmm, Spiritual Advisor? Number 3- nondenominational is fine.
HP: 2
Funding: Focus on education for now, bring that up to snuff.
Organs: Pay people for them, incentive helps and we all need a bit of cash now and then ^_~
Auto industry: Eliminate the auto industry and open the floor to new industries to take over.
I'm far too tired to make any worthwhile comments, so here goes:

Spiritual Advisor: choice three
Pottery Issue: choice two, obviously
Budget: eh, torn between education and health/social welfare. What do ya'll think?
Cash for Colons: choice two
Auto Industry: choice three
Someone sent us brownies! I love brownies!
Er. Sorry. I'm gong to answer later - too sleepy to govern a country properly now!
religeous advisor: #3, the one who will resign. religeon should not be at all involved in the government and faith should be entirely up to the individual without any federal endorsement

Harry Potter: Well duh, freedom of press. No censorship. and it IS a damn good read XD

Government Spending: #1, support education. I think I already voted on this one...

Cash for Colons: I'm still staunchly #2. Keep it donations

Auto industry: With our weak economy, I realize we can't really afford to let it go, but we MUST not get rid of minimum wage! I say #1: do the tariffs
*Australian Ambassador and Ministress of Literary Affairs slinks in after long absence, metaphorical tail between legs - I haven't been online a lot*

I know it's changed since you posted, but here are my votes for the current issues:

Auto industry: tariffs
Kidney $: no
Minority representation: awards for positive portrayal
Power problem: renewables
Religion: Is it just me, or is #2 the same as dismissal? I'm all for separation of church and state, but I still feel weird about taxing religion ... I vote #2 or dismiss.