So cool even I wanna be me (greyandgrey) wrote in manhattachester,
So cool even I wanna be me

Our new nationstates issues

So have we voted yet on education? I think education is the cornerstone to any society, so I'm all for option #1

Then we've got the issue of payment for organ donation. This could get tricky because people might put their own health at risk for a little cash... I think the system of voluntary organ and blood donation should be encouraged - school and office sponsored blood drives, encouragement to sign up as an organ donor when you get your liscence, I think we need to encourage people to help others without offering payment, so I'm for option #2

And it appears the auto-industry issue is still unaddressed. We cannot abolish minimum wage. I think option #3 - to let the industry go - is sound provided we create more jobs in another industry.

~grey (member-at-large)
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